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Xee is Relational Evangelism

Xee training consists of learning how to connect with people, establishing quality relationships with them in order to share the Gospel through dialogue that is not confrontational, but rather sparks interest in spiritual matters by easily and smoothly moving from secular conversation to discussions about Jesus, God and Faith ... all of which is often done over a period of time. In Xee we learn a Gospel presentation that is powerful and yet simple enough to understand because we learn how to share the doctrines of salvation in every day language. We learn to write our testimony that friends can identify with, and we learn to share our faith in Christ, while we show them Christ in us, as we gently and lovingly persuade them into their own personal relationship with Him. Relationships built over time make discipleship follow-up easy, because often people are already interested in reading the Scriptures, attending a Bible Study, Sunday School, or other church functions by the time they come to an understanding of what it fully means to commit their lives to Jesus..

What is Xee Facilitator's Training?


At a Facilitator's Training Day you learn how to facilitate, how to learn Xee concepts through group discussions, how to connect with people and build relationships to share Christ, how to share a powerful Gospel presentation, how to write a meaningful testimony of our relationship with Christ, how to start the discipleship follow-up process during the relationship, how to transfer this technique of sharing Christ to others, how your Xee group can multiply the numbers of Christians sharing their faith in your community, and the many ways Xee is flexible enough to fit the needs of your church family. We also learn how to get around in all three Xee websites in order to access the extra training tools that are provided for you and your group.
We believe the training is invaluable training that will help you spread the Gospel, not just by adding to the church those who are hearing the Good News, but also by training people to train others to train others and thereby multiplying the church in our communities. (Acts 12:24)

Xee’s teaching is style is facilitation instead of lecturing. The training is DVD driven and the concepts of Xee are learned through group discussions. It is highly interactive and preferable nowadays to all age groups.

Xee’s learning style consists of multiple learning tools and resources. Some of these are multi media, DVD, and 3 top notch websites offering supplemental training. These include building your own testimony on the www.whatsmystory.org website, a quality web presence with social facilities for networking as well as forums for discussions in your own group and other groups on the www.xee.info website, and videos of the Gospel presentation and more on the www.xeelife.com website. Xee also provides hands on training through human interaction in class discussion groups.

As the training develops in your church and your community, you may have opportunities, as God opens doors, to train others worldwide through Xee.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements, click here to complete the online contact form, email: info@ee-gb.org.uk or or call 0121 288 0603.

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