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Blog May 22

A call to support Evangelism Explosion 

For some time now the work of the National Director of EE has been delivered by the Board and the Chairman in particular. Following our recent board meeting, a desire was expressed to recruit a part-time National Director to take the ministry forward in 2022 and beyond.

The role of National Director will enable us to:


  • Work alongside more churches and leaders equipping them to use EE tools and resources as they reach out to their communities

  • Bring direction and strategy to help Evangelism Explosion evolve for the future

  • Develop and implement several new initiatives championed by the world-wide ministry of Evangelism Explosion to reach young people in the U.K with the good news of Jesus


The need has never been greater. At a time when many are seeking answers to who they are, where they belong and what the future holds for them; this new post will help us shine the light of Jesus, bringing a hope and a future. To help make this appointment possible, we need to raise £7000 additional income for 2022. We have been blessed to receive an offer of matched funding, pound for pound for any donations that are received towards the cost of a National Director. That means, your donation, however small can make a real difference to the lives of those who don’t yet know Jesus.

To give by cheque, please click and download the giving slip and return it to the address as shown. To make a payment by online banking or via PayPal please see the details and link to PayPal below. We pray in faith that as we seek to take on a National Director in 2022, the income we need to sustain this role will enable us to make this a long-term placement. We would welcome an opportunity to speak to you should you wish to invest in this for more than a year.


Please do contact us on 0121 288 0603 or email to discover how you can make an investment in the Kingdom by supporting the long-term vision of Evangelism Explosion.

Yours in Christ.


Rev Brian Richardson


On behalf of the Evangelism Explosion U.K Board

P.S, Gifts of £100, £50, £25 or even £10 will enable us to reach our target of £7000 for 2022.

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By Cheque

Please make all cheques payable to Evangelism Explosion GB

Address:  EE GB, New Inn,

The Locks, Rugby 

CV21 4PP

Online Banking

Login into your online banking and make a payment to: Lloyds Bank

Account No: 01108399,

sort code: 30-97-58

By Paypal

Please click on the buttpn below

to donate using a credit/debit card.

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